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Star Dance Icons
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This is the icon journal for elenlilta. It's a community for easier posting, because I'm lazy. Membership is closed, but if you can friend the journal for the entries to appear on your friends list.

1. Comment when you take an icon. If you're going through old entries, just comment on the latest and let me know you're doing so.
2. Credit me. This is a biggie. Please don't take credit for the work. I work long and hard on these, so don't steal! :) (See, look, I'm trying to be nice.)
3. No hotlinking! I don't have a website, and Photobucket bandwith is not amazingly generous, so please save to your own computer. Thanks.


I do mainly icons from movies I enjoy, but I'm not too picky. I'm up to doing icons as long as the subject inspires me.

I'll also take requests. Comment, leave a subject AND a picture for me to use, and a caption if you want, or I can come up with something.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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